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Lionsgate is talking out of both sides of their mouths. [03 Aug 2008|10:16am]

Bloody-Disgusting has done a lot of digging and found that despite all appearances to the contrary, Lionsgate "truly, with all their hearts, want Clive Barker's latest adaptation to succeed."

Shocking as it may sound, Lionsgate has asked us to get behind the film! But it's obiously a rouse, a cunning attempt to make it look like they care about the movie.

Business is business as this isn't the first time a movie has been dumped into limited theaters. That's fine, and if a studio doesn't want to spend millions of dollars on P+A (marketing), or spends tens of thousands making prints, they are only doing what's best for the stockholders and for their business.

But what we found interesting was that the film is only opening in $1 discount theaters. It says to me that Lionsgate wants the movie to make as little money as possible - for whatever reason that may be, it's weird.

After the numerous interviews and phone calls made, we have made some very important discoveries, but unfortunately no one is willing to speak on record. But what we can do is tell you guys that buying tickets to see THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN will in fact help the filmmakers and Clive Barker. For real this time...

So I say we get behind a fallen brother. We buy tickets (even if we're not able to go, or live in a different State) and attempt to sell out every showing of the film. Lionsgate (so they say) wants the film to succeed, so they should be excited to see fans helping out Clive and his film, right?

So B-D and DreadCentral are encouraging fans to buy tickets for Midnight Meat Train online even if you don't have a theater showing it near you as a way of saying "Fuck you!" to Lionsgate.
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Fuck Lionsgate. [31 Jul 2008|10:39am]

[ mood | cranky ]

The theater listings for Midnight Meat Train have been released and well, they definitely want to screw Clive, Ryuhei Kitamura and the fans.

Discount cinemas and second-run theaters? Seriously? Only in the southwest and west coast?

That new asshole in charge at Lionsgate really is determined to fuck over the work of the previous regime.

I really, really hope the new Saw movie tanks this Halloween, just out of spite.

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Lionsgate attempts to fuck over Clive Barker and fans. [19 Jun 2008|01:16pm]

You know it's big when Defamer picks up on it.

At issue is Lionsgate's release plans for their adaptation of Barker's short story, The Midnight Meat Train. Despite the story being a fan favorite, and a satisfying trailer (mmm...yuppie chops!) featuring the U.S. directing debut of Japanese horror maven Ryuhei Kitamura, new studio president Joe Drake bumped the movie from its May 15th date—which allowed The Strangers to clean up as the only R-rated horror option of the weekend. It was a curious strategy shift, to say the least, and not the least bit helped by a significant conflict of interest. Or as Deadline Hollywood Daily puts it, "Guess who was exec producer of The Strangers? Joe Drake."

Lionsgate is planning a limited 100 theater run of the Clive Barker adaptation on August 1st.

This move fulfills Lionsgate's contractual obligation with production entity Lakeshore to give it some sort of theatrical run. The plan is to subsequently release Meat Train quickly down the line (October?) for a DVD release.

And Barker himself has released a statement, saying, "I am very excited about this possibility and I would passionately encourage everybody who cares about my work to use this chance to change the minds of the folks at Lionsgate.

"This is exciting! I really think, this late in the day, that grassroots support for our movie could significantly improve our chances of reaching a much bigger audience theatrically. The picture is worth the effort, I believe."
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Midnight Meat Train trailer online [27 Sep 2007|09:45am]

The trailer for Midnight Meat Train is now online.

Looks pretty cool to me.

Edit: Site that had the trailer up before was asked to take it down, it's up again on a different site and hopefully will stay that way here.
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Ryuhei Kitamura at Otakon [25 Jul 2007|11:21am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hi guys, I'm new here...I'm a big fan of Kitamura-san =^^=

My friends and I went to Otakon this past weekend and met Ryuhei Kitamura there. It was great! He's such a cool guy, and it was fun listening to his stories <3 Sadly, my camera is shit and deleted all of my pictures. Sorry....

He gave us little tidbits on the production of Versus and Godzilla: Final Wars, and gave us a bit of insight on his next few films he's working on! 

The one that is currently in the works right now is based off of a Clive Barker novel called Midnight Meat Train. It's a horror movie (oh noez!), and it's going to be his first American film. Apparently, he and Mr. Barker are pretty good friends. Kitamura-san told us that trailers would be out for Midnight Meat Train by fall, and the movie will be out sometime  mid-2008.

Also, there is, in fact, a Versus 2 in production (he's going through the script), and an American version of Versus is being planned.  He wasn't clear on the cast of either movie, although, when asked, he showed alot of interest in using Tom Cruise in his future films.  If anyone was going to be in the American version of Versus, it would probably be him XD Versus 2 probably has pretty much the same cast as the original movie, though.

One last thing: For those of you who are fans of Tak Sakaguchi...Kitamura-san told us that he refuses to use him in Versus 2 because he's getting fat from living in America and having too many girlfriends, and that he'd only cast him in again if he lost some weight.  >_< 

Well, gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed my small amount of info...

X-posted to ksc2303.

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Kitamura does "new" J-Horror with Yoroi [20 May 2007|07:33pm]

Fangoria reports that Ryuhei Kitamura has signed on to produce a new Japanese horror film called Yoroi. Kitamura (says), "YOROI does not involve a girl with long hair, nor a videotape, cell phone or a camera. Rather, it will go to the next level." Rather, the storyline involves robbers, a family taken hostage and samurai zombies!
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First pic and synopsis for Midnight Meat Train [05 Apr 2007|11:13am]

DreadCentral has the first pic and synopsis for Midnight Meat Train.

Next stop, death.

When his latest body of work – provocative, nighttime studies of the city and its inhabitants -- earns struggling photographer Leon Kaufman (Bradley Cooper) interest from a prominent art gallerist (Brooke Shields), she propels him to get grittier and show the darker side of humanity for his upcoming debut at her downtown art space.

Believing he’s finally on track for success, Leon’s obsessive pursuit of dark subject matter leads him into the path of a serial killer, Mahogany (Vinnie Jones), the subway murderer who stalks late-night commuters -- ultimately butchering them in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

With his concerned girlfriend Maya (Leslie Bibb) fearing for his life, Leon’s relentless fascination with Mahogany lures him further and further into the bowels of the subways and ultimately into an abyss of pure evil – inadvertently pulling Maya right along with him.
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A look behind the scenes of Midnight Meat Train [14 Feb 2007|06:37pm]

Fangoria has an exclusive look at a recent conceptual meeting that took place between Clive Barker and Ryuhei Kitamura as the two discussed the look of TRAIN’s central underground slayer, Mahogany, and “the fathers.” Naturally, the sketches that came from said meeting are shrouded in secrecy, but it's nifty nonetheless.
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Casting news for Midnight Meat Train [12 Feb 2007|12:30pm]

DreadCentral reports that Vinnie Jones and Brooke Shields are joining Bradley Cooper on board the Midnight Meat Train.
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Ultimate Versus cover art and specs [24 Jan 2007|08:05pm]

Fangoria has the cover art and specs for Ultimate Versus on DVD.
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I'm guessing this is a good sign. [14 Nov 2006|12:08pm]

Fangoria has the exclusive teaser poster for Midnight Meat Train, which Ryuhei Kitamura will start production on in early '07.
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Kitamura to ride Barker's Midnight Meat Train [04 Nov 2006|08:51pm]

Clive Barker's short story "The Midnight Meat Train," which originally appeared in his Books of Blood anthology, has just hit the pre-production fast track with a brand spanking new director -- Ryuhei Kitamura.

"The Midnight Meat Train" follows the exploits of a Gotham-based photographer's effort to find the evil Subway Butcher and was originally slated to begin production way back in 2005 with director Patrick Tatopoulous attached. Unfortunately things hit the proverbial wall when Tatopoulous had to withdraw from the project citing "a busy schedule and other factors."

Bad for him. Good for us!

Best known for his classic zombie masterpiece Versus, Kitamura should bring a unique look and feel to Barker's tale, and along with that stylized look we should also get a hefty helping of the red stuff.

"The subject matter is so intense", says Barker. "It's a story readers really like. I want to make sure that when we do it, we do it justice. That really means doing it as a hard R, none of this PG-13. I think there is a taste coming back in the audience for the really intense experience, which is great."

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New Member [22 Oct 2006|02:07am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi. I couldn't think of a witty introduction to myself... You may call me Sliced.

To get things going... I have seen/own:
Ultimate Versus
Godzilla: Final Wars

Most of the others are not so easy to rent or find in shops nearby, so which do you think I should order online?

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for sale [25 Aug 2006|02:49pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


I hope this is appropriate. I'm selling "Aragami", among other items. Please check it out if you're interest here.

Thanks! ♥

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New Community [14 Jul 2006|03:38pm]

[ mood | busy ]

For anyone who is interested

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New website [20 Feb 2006|03:01am]

I recently started a website where I review all of the Asian movies that I own. There is a little bit of everything on the site so feel free to check it out.

The url is www.asianfilmreviews.com

Let me know what you think.

Also, it this against any group rules, let me know and I'll delete this entry.
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Sky High T.VShow /Manga and Dead Like Me connection? [15 Aug 2005|02:12am]

[ mood | depressed ]

Recently , I was robbing a friends DVD collection ad came across this show they showed on Showtime, HBO or something.

Has anyone seen it? It's called Dead Like Me.

What I found most amazing about the show is how it shared so many key plots and events with Sky High, not the movie; The show and the mangas.

Basically, the episode I saw as about this girl who was killed and then forced to become a Grim Reaper. Sort of like how the canidates for Izuko are chosen, except with a more organized theme to it.
What really made me think about this was the main character George. Here is something about her.
Georgia "George" Lass b. 1985 d. 2003, hit by falling zero-G toilet seat from de-orbiting Soviet space station Mir. George dropped out from college mid-semester, and died on her lunch break from her first day at Happy Time Temporary Services. In some interactions with the living, she goes by her "undead name", Mildred "Millie" Hagen. The living see George with a different appearance - a somewhat plain, sad-looking girl .By the end season 2, it's implied that George has finally accepted her destiny as a reaper

Izuko from the first season of Sky High was a girl who was never born. Her tragic death was being aborted and never having a chance to live. She spends her time in the human world talking to the few that can even see her. It seems as if both shows are to be correct , Similar to each other.

Both have a person assigned by fate to guide souls to the afterlife.
Both seem to have the requirement of being depressed or suffering a tragic death to get the job.

Did anyone else think of it like this? Or has this been done already?

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V E R S U S [13 Jul 2005|10:50pm]

I finally saw Versus. Twice, in fact. I, for one, believe this to be the single most brilliant movie about Yakuza members fighting zombies in an evil forest that brings people back to life since "That Movie About Yakuza Members Fighting Zombies in an Evil Forest That Brings People Back to Life 5: The Sword of Death". Here's my pseudo-review, whether or not anyone cares. I hope this community doesn't die.


Had to get that out of the way.


No other director besides Kitamura could grab so many total badasses and put them all in one badass place- this movie was a piece of work.

Everyone is this movie except for that runt and the handless guy was a total ****ing badass, zombies excluded.

The main badass character, whom I'll call The Badass, was a total ****ing badass.

He randomly saved this chick from a ****-ton of Yakuza Badasses and ran into this forest where **** comes back to life. It was like watching Hard-Core Opera, where everything everyone does is super ****ing badass.

"I can't stand waiting/being tied down/guys who don't respect women/wasting time." -The Badass.

None of the characters in the movie had a name- these are the sort of people who smoke bullets and **** fire.

It's obvious where Hideo Kojima was inspired got inspiration for Ocelot and The Fear in the Metal Gear Solid series, among other characters. I hope He and Kitamura work together more, mainly on more MGS games.

It's hilarious to see one of the Yakuza members pass his gun under his legs, spin it behind him, and pop a zombie without looking/aiming.
It's so funny seeing The Badass walk towards a fight, then he pauses to karate-chop the girl to knock her out, then he keeps walking.
It's awesome watching The Badass blow someone apart with a 50 Caliber rifle that's bigger than he is.

Prominent items in the movie that aren't in any way symbolic-
-Leather Jacket: The Badass steals it off a dead body for no reason.
-Sunglasses: The Badass kills a zombie, puts on the glasses in that Badass way, then takes them off in an equally-badass manner and tosses them aside (Blame the obligatory girl).
-Pistols: Everyone has a pistol, a backup, a backup to the backup, a dobie, a zwei,and a spare. In fact, everyone has so many pistols (zombies included, ironically enough) and they steal pistols from everyone else, so it's a lot like a Japanese collection game (Pistolmon! I choose you!).
-Laser-guided katana: 'nuff said.

And more soccer-ball decapitations that you can shake a left hand at. Which also happens.

Watching this movie just evokes the badass inside of all of us. Except most of us aren't badasses... yet.

It's like jumping off a mountain and breaking your fall with your face. Had this actually happened in the movie, it wouldn't have been out of place.

Best Quotes-
"I was raised in Yellowstone National Park in Canada!" -Yakuza Boss

"You must be a fighter! I can smell it! I was a dog musher for years!" -Ditto

"Give me my right hand back!"
*The Badass skewers a spare hand on the ground with a sword and tosses it to the handless guy*
"What's the big idea? This is a LEFT hand!"

"Are you scared of a forest?"
"Hey- fuck you! Besides, this place gives me the willies." -Yakuza members


Just another testament to Ryuhei Kitamura's greatness. Thoughts? Opinions?

(Also I'd like to point out the excessive use of jet-engine noises in the fight scenes- we all saw them coming.)

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It's really easy to find people that hate it... But... [23 Jun 2005|10:47am]

Does anyone LIKE Sky High?
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[12 Jun 2005|11:29pm]

Hey all. This is the first time I'm posting here, but I've been looking in for a while. The main reason for my post is a concern to a particular statement in many people's reviews on Kitamura's movies. A lot of the time, someone will say "This was a terrible movie" or "this was a really bad movie" or something of the like. However, the standards being set to Kitamura's movies I believe are too high. If someone says that the movie is bad because it doesn't hold up to award winning or Oscar standards, then all of his movies should be next to Troma movies in any video store. None of Kitamura's movies are good movies in that sense.

Don't get me wrong, I love all of Kitamura's movies that I have seen (Sky High being a mild exception), but I don't think that any of his movies are quality movies in the sense that Cassablanca or Citizen Kane are quality movies. I think Kitamura's movies are good in the sense that he makes them to be cool. Take Versus for example. Now, watching that movie, no one in their right mind can say that it is an example of quality film making. But that's taking the wrong approach to it. Watching Versus is like watching a study in cool. Every single moment in that movie is done for the sake of cool. Random poses, cool looking gestures, cool dialouge etc. etc. And this element of cool is apparant in all of his movies that I've seen, just in different forms.

I may be looking way too far into these movies, and Kitamura's artistic vision, but I feel very strongly that the reason Kitamura makes movies is for the sake of cool. What are everyone else's thoughs on this?


P.S. Does anyone have any of the soundtracks to Kitamura's movies (any of them)? I've been clawing my eyes out trying to find the Versus soundtrack, but have had no luck. Thanks!
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