BARRAGE OF HOMOSEXUALITY (j_crew_guy) wrote in ryuheikitamura,

Lionsgate is talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Bloody-Disgusting has done a lot of digging and found that despite all appearances to the contrary, Lionsgate "truly, with all their hearts, want Clive Barker's latest adaptation to succeed."

Shocking as it may sound, Lionsgate has asked us to get behind the film! But it's obiously a rouse, a cunning attempt to make it look like they care about the movie.

Business is business as this isn't the first time a movie has been dumped into limited theaters. That's fine, and if a studio doesn't want to spend millions of dollars on P+A (marketing), or spends tens of thousands making prints, they are only doing what's best for the stockholders and for their business.

But what we found interesting was that the film is only opening in $1 discount theaters. It says to me that Lionsgate wants the movie to make as little money as possible - for whatever reason that may be, it's weird.

After the numerous interviews and phone calls made, we have made some very important discoveries, but unfortunately no one is willing to speak on record. But what we can do is tell you guys that buying tickets to see THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN will in fact help the filmmakers and Clive Barker. For real this time...

So I say we get behind a fallen brother. We buy tickets (even if we're not able to go, or live in a different State) and attempt to sell out every showing of the film. Lionsgate (so they say) wants the film to succeed, so they should be excited to see fans helping out Clive and his film, right?

So B-D and DreadCentral are encouraging fans to buy tickets for Midnight Meat Train online even if you don't have a theater showing it near you as a way of saying "Fuck you!" to Lionsgate.
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