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Sky High T.VShow /Manga and Dead Like Me connection?

Recently , I was robbing a friends DVD collection ad came across this show they showed on Showtime, HBO or something.

Has anyone seen it? It's called Dead Like Me.

What I found most amazing about the show is how it shared so many key plots and events with Sky High, not the movie; The show and the mangas.

Basically, the episode I saw as about this girl who was killed and then forced to become a Grim Reaper. Sort of like how the canidates for Izuko are chosen, except with a more organized theme to it.
What really made me think about this was the main character George. Here is something about her.
Georgia "George" Lass b. 1985 d. 2003, hit by falling zero-G toilet seat from de-orbiting Soviet space station Mir. George dropped out from college mid-semester, and died on her lunch break from her first day at Happy Time Temporary Services. In some interactions with the living, she goes by her "undead name", Mildred "Millie" Hagen. The living see George with a different appearance - a somewhat plain, sad-looking girl .By the end season 2, it's implied that George has finally accepted her destiny as a reaper

Izuko from the first season of Sky High was a girl who was never born. Her tragic death was being aborted and never having a chance to live. She spends her time in the human world talking to the few that can even see her. It seems as if both shows are to be correct , Similar to each other.

Both have a person assigned by fate to guide souls to the afterlife.
Both seem to have the requirement of being depressed or suffering a tragic death to get the job.

Did anyone else think of it like this? Or has this been done already?
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